MIRA Glass Raised Floor Panel

Glass Panel

Tempered, scratch-resistant glass access floor panel designed to fit our raised floor systems. 30 mm, lami-safe industrial-grade thickness. Protected all around the side with brushed aluminum frame/flange. Dimension is 600 x 600. Can fit 32 and 35 mm thick raised floor systems.


Grommet: Brush Square & Round

Proper sealing any opening on the raised floor is essential to keep the cooled air flowing to the server and the equipment. Use brush grommet to prevent air leakage from cable or pipe intrusion and optimize your precious cooled air from wastage.

Tile Lifter

Tile Lifter

Tile lifter or veribohr is a tool used to lift the raised floor tile. When maintaining the infrastructures under the raised floor, you will need this tool to lift up the tile.

Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat

Sticky Mats prevent small dust, soil, debris from entering your critical work environments.  Sticky Mats are ideal for data centers and clean rooms. Now you can order your sticky mat from us. 

Skirting - Wall Connection List

Skirting or PVC wall connection list is an elegant connection between the floor and the wall. But skirting lists do so much more. They add character to your interior, matching the color of the list to the door will visually raise the ceiling, and also a convenient way to cover the seam between the wall and the floor.

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