Your Partner for Raised floor systems & more

Your Partner for Raised floor systems & more

Since 2001 with more than 1 million m² installations throughout Indonesia

PT. Rafindo Bangun Lestari

Leader in Raised Floor System & Flooring Materials

Here at Rafindo, we aim to build a strong partnership with all of our clients through continuous improvements, serving needs above expectations, and total quality management. Backed with some of the best raised floor and flooring material manufacturers in the world, we are confidence that our products will exceed your expectations.

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Partly disassembled MIRA Raised Floor
Installation of MIRA Raised Floor

Our Products

We specialize in a wide array of flooring products especially raised floor systems, entrance matting system, structural ceiling systems, and insulations.

Raised Floor

Raised floor system gives you the flexibility to access cables, piping and other IT infrastructures laid underneath your data center and office flooring

Structural Ceiling

Structural ceiling systems for data centers provide robust support for heavy equipment, facilitate efficient cable management, and enhance overall airflow management to maintain optimal operating conditions.


Insulation underneath a data center's raised floor optimizes thermal management, enhances energy efficiency, and ensures stable operating conditions for sensitive equipment.

Entrance Mat

Entrance matting systems are ideal for removing fine dirt such as street dust, hair, sand, ash, textile fibers, small leaves and twigs, coarse sand, and small gravel particles.

Raised Floor Perforated Panel Underneath
MIRA Glass Raised Floor Panel
Installed Meishuo Entrance Mat
Raised Floor Underneath
Installed Meishuo Entrance Mat
Armaflex Insulations

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Data Center & HPC Facilities

Factory & Production Facilities

Office & Commercial Buildings

Public Infrastructures

Banking & Finance


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