MIRA Saito Seismic Resistant Raised Floor System

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Raised floor seismic bracing is essential for enhancing the stability and safety of raised floor systems in earthquake-prone areas. It involves reinforcing the floor structure to withstand seismic forces, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure and equipment. This added security is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of data centers, control rooms, and other sensitive environments during seismic events.

Indonesia Seismic Hazard Map
Indonesia Seismic Hazard Map
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Partnered with MIRA-Saito, PT. Rafindo Bangun Lestari offers customized seismic resistant raised floor system designed to handle extreme seismic forces and protect your critical infrastructure in the event of earthquakes. Our solution uses optimally placed MIRA-SAITO seismic bracings to efficiently transfer horizontal seismic forces directly to the underlying slab. 

We design each solution using numerical simulations (Finite Element Method) and structural calculations based on ASCE 7, SNI 1726:2019 or Eurocode EN1998-1:2004 standards. This ensures our designs comply with seismic standards, providing you with peace of mind.

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SNI 1726:2019
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Eurocode 8

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Installed MIRA Seismic Bracing
Installed MIRA Seismic Bracing

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