Raised Floor Systems


MERO Raised Floor System

The Mero raised floor system is an advanced flooring solution designed for flexibility and efficiency in modern workspaces. It features modular panels supported by adjustable pedestals, creating an accessible void for electrical, data, and HVAC infrastructure. This system offers easy installation, reconfiguration, and maintenance, while ensuring a durable and stable surface. Ideal for offices, data centers, and control rooms. The Mero raised floor system enhances functionality and adaptability in dynamic environments.

MIRA Raised Floor System

The MIRA raised floor system is a cost-efficient flooring solution ideal for office applications. It features modular panels supported by adjustable pedestals, providing easy access to underfloor cabling and services. This cost-effective system ensures efficient installation and maintenance, while delivering a stable and durable surface. Perfect for office environments, the MIRA raised floor system combines functionality and affordability, enhancing workspace adaptability and organization.

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MIRA Seismic Resistant Raised Floor System

MIRA SAITO is the premier choice for cost-efficient raised floor seismic bracings. Engineered to withstand Indonesia’s rigorous seismic activities, MIRA's innovative solutions ensure optimal stability and safety for your infrastructure. Combining cutting-edge technology with local expertise, MIRA's raised floor bracings are designed to meet and exceed national standards, providing reliable performance in the face of seismic challenges.

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