Bergvik ISO-FLEX Grid Structural Ceiling

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BERGVIK’s ISO-Flex Grid Structural Ceiling is an engineered solution that doubles as a dropped return air ceiling plenum and a support grid, offering a cost-effective option for data centers, clean rooms, labs, and similar environments.

Constructed from high-grade aluminum extrusions, the ISO-Flex Grid features a continuous M10 threaded slot along the entire underside of the grid. The system is assembled using 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way high-strength diecast connectors, ensuring robust and reliable performance.

BERGVIK Structural Ceiling in Datacenter
BERGVIK Structural Ceiling in Datacenter

One of the standout features of the ISO-Flex Grid is its adaptability. The ceiling layout can be easily tailored to accommodate row aisles, equipment, or other specific needs, allowing for the placement of carrier profiles exactly where required rather than following a fixed pattern. This flexibility extends to future modifications, as the ISO-Flex Grid can be effortlessly altered or expanded to meet new requirements.

Designed to handle point loads of up to 300 kg as standard, the ISO-Flex Grid ensures that heavy equipment can be securely supported. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where both structural integrity and adaptability are paramount.

Bergvik’s Iso Flex-Grid benefits

+ Iso Flex-Grid serves the dual purpose of being both a load-bearing grid combined with a drop-down ceiling

+  Very low maintenance cost since there is no need for additional suspension points or replacement of ceiling components

+ Extremely flexible, allowing for countless overhead suspension points in all directions.

+ Does not depend on server rack location or dimensions

+ Very cost effective in case of future expansions

+ Provide less facility disruptions and ceiling damage when upgrades for equipment changes are done.

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